Hello fellow food lovers! I am here on research a new taste of food. Once I have found this unique taste, I will have become one step stronger in my cooking!

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“You can’t keep your hat here.” she smiled, following him and closing the door. “Oh, you welcome! But I think you’ll hate the kitchen more.” Sophia pointed to a door behind some turnips statues, and smiled at him “You aren’t a chef, right?”

“I can’t——-” oh right…. this was going to get confusing. Pierre put back on his hat as she mentioned the kitchen. “so… I’d love the kitchen?” The chef repeated, eyes shining slightly as he spotted the grand door to the said room. “I am a Gourmet, yes.”

Sophia snorted, trying to don’t laugh. Oh, well, at least he was trying. “No, you wouldn’t! You got it completely wrong, imbecile!” she said, smiling and opening the door.”Please, don’t help yourself.”

"Well, then. If you are offering me your kitchen, is there anything you want me to whip up for you?" He asked, getting better at translating Miss Sophia’s sentences.